July 14, 2021

By SARA D. SORENSEN | Medical News Now, a Massachusetts-based physician and medical researcher says he has filed a lawsuit against the MSN parent company for violating his First Amendment rights by allegedly failing to honor his contract.

Dr. Robert Sorenson, a senior physician and associate professor of medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, filed the lawsuit on Monday against MedNetworks, alleging the company violated his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Sorenson says he is suing for breach of contract, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of fiduciary duty.

He says MedNetstains contract with him and others to conduct clinical research and provide information to the public is unenforceable.

He also says MSN violated his contract by refusing to release a database of his clinical trial results.

Sirensen says he submitted an application for a clinical trial involving MSN in February of 2017.

He did not know that MSN would not approve his application.

“The MSN data had been generated for the MSNs clinical trial and the results of the clinical trial were publicly available, but it was only after the trial had been completed that the MSNP was contacted and notified of the trial results,” Sirenson wrote in his complaint.

“MSNP was not given any notice of the results.

MSNP also failed to respond to Sirenesen’s requests for further information.”

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop MSN from continuing to collect the MSNB database of trial results, which Sirenson says is the most important part of his work.

Sorenson says he will file the lawsuit in federal court in Boston, which is also where the medical school has its headquarters.

MSN has denied the allegations.

Sotheby’s is a global publisher of luxury goods and services.

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