July 12, 2021

The new Comcast merger will create a global cable internet empire.

The company announced today that it will acquire Charter Communications for $50 billion in cash and stock, bringing the total value of Comcast’s $76 billion merger to $100 billion.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts says the merger will be “the largest investment in broadband in history.”

It will also include the nation’s first broadband-only business, Comcast Cable.

Comcast will merge with Charter, the largest U.S. cable operator.

It’s a merger that is likely to increase the number of Comcast subscribers and Comcast’s overall revenues.

The deal will be approved by the FCC, which will then vote on whether to approve the merger.

The merger is expected to bring Comcast more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and it will increase Comcast’s control over the content that Americans can access.

Charter already owns NBCUniversal, the world’s largest cable television network.

Charter’s customers are already able to watch NBCUniversal programming.

Comcast is also expanding its broadband business.

It recently announced it would begin offering broadband to people who are not in a cable or satellite service.

Comcast says it will begin offering internet access to people in its markets, where it currently offers only internet.

Comcast said today that its broadband customers will be able to access its services via Comcast Cable in the United States and Canada.

Comcast’s Charter deal is also expected to be approved for sale to private equity firm TPG, which owns the Chicago Tribune.

TPG is an investor in Charter, and the company is looking to sell a portion of the combined company.

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