July 11, 2021

The charter communications spectrum is not the answer to addressing the challenges of congestion and broadband coverage, according to Charter Communications CEO Jim Roberts.

Roberts said the spectrum has been around for decades and is critical to ensuring the company can keep offering high-speed broadband service to its customers.

The spectrum will also help it compete with Internet providers like Comcast and AT&T in areas where broadband penetration is low.

Roberts, however, said the FCC will be reviewing the spectrum and its implications for the future of broadband access.

Charter says it is “disappointed” in the FCC’s decision.

Roberts said he does not expect Charter to renew its Charter Communications franchise or extend its existing contract with the FCC.

He also said Charter does not have any plans to expand into areas where there is no viable broadband option.

Roberts was asked about Charter’s decision to cut its employees.

Roberts declined to answer.

Roberts did say the company has a plan to keep its employees in New York City for at least another year.

Charters network was built with the help of spectrum allocated through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program, which was created to address the need for faster broadband.

Roberts also said the company plans to hire at least 2,000 additional people this year in its Manhattan office.

Roberts made the comments in response to questions about the FCC announcement that the agency will consider the future use of spectrum for communications, including the future distribution of spectrum to Charter.

Roberts told The Associated Press he was unaware of any FCC ruling on the future direction of spectrum, and said the agency is reviewing all spectrum applications and evaluating whether there is any overlap with Charter.

Roberts added that the FCC has “made it clear that we will look at all spectrum in an open and competitive manner.”

Roberts was responding to a question about the potential impact of the FCC decision on Charter’s operations in New Jersey, where the company already has a large presence.

The company has more than 800 employees in Jersey City, where it has operated a new satellite office since January.

The office serves about 100,000 customers.

Roberts declined to comment on whether he thinks the FCC should consider reclassifying Charter’s New Jersey operations.

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