July 2, 2021

Conservatives blame journalists for media biases in Canada, and say they will work to change the media.

In a report titled “The Media: The Conservative Conspiracy,” the Heritage Foundation released a chart showing the percentage of journalists who work for or on behalf of the government who have been hired by Conservative politicians or parties since at least the 2015 federal election.

“This trend has persisted despite the fact that many media outlets have reported on the government’s anti-media agenda since the 2015 election,” Heritage writes.

Conservative media critic Scott Reid, a member of the Commons Standing Committee on Science and Technology, said the Harper government’s policy of hiring media members for partisan purposes is “unconscionable.”

“The Harper government is actively suppressing and suppressing critical media reporting in order to further the agenda of the Conservative Party,” Reid said.

Reid said the Conservative party should investigate whether its journalists have been targeted by government investigators and if the media should be required to register under the Communications Security Establishment Act.

“We need to see if the government is actually targeting media outlets and if it is trying to silence their reporting,” Reid told CBC News.

“This is the government of Canada that is now actively seeking to silence critical reporting by our media.”

Harper has used the Conservatives’ new law to blacklist organizations that report critical news.

The law, which was introduced by former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper in the fall of 2016, prohibits anyone who “incites, aids or abets” the dissemination of “false, defamatory or misleading information” from participating in any public-interest or government-sponsored event, as defined by the law.

Critics have accused the Conservatives of targeting the CBC and CBC News for criticism.

On Thursday, the Conservative government announced it had suspended its contract with the CBC after a scathing report by the CBC’s executive producer on the effects of the new law.

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