November 3, 2021

It’s not always easy to get your dog’s internet data off the internet.

We asked the experts to offer tips for keeping your dog on the safe side. 

With the rise of social media, pet owners can now be confronted with situations that may not seem like they can be dealt with online. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that if your dog has a specialised need to use the internet, there are ways to make sure they’re protected. 

“Internet security is about controlling what you’re sending and receiving,” says Laura Hoggard, a dog-handler from Portland, Oregon, who has been running a dog communication system since 2013.

“It’s not something you just throw on and forget.”

“The key is to know what to keep your internet service provider from doing,” she adds.

“If you have a lot of pets, it can be very hard to keep them from using the internet.”

Hoggard suggests having your dog connected to the internet by a tether.

“That means you can make a connection to your phone or tablet and your dog can use that to talk to you, or you can have a separate tether so your dog doesn’t have to share his internet connection with anyone.”

“If your internet is really slow, then your dog is going to end up using it more than normal,” says Hoggards mother, Lisa.

“Your dog’s attention span is shorter and his concentration is higher, so if your internet speed is low, he might be able to get through longer.”

We also recommend using Bluetooth headsets or earbuds to communicate.””

It’s important for your dog to be connected to an internet connection and to have it available for you to use, otherwise he’ll not know where to go or how to use it.

“Hoggards mum says the best internet service for her dog is a good one, as it’s free. 

She recommends using an internet provider that has good tethering, which includes Telstra.

“You’ll want to have all your personal data off your account, but that’ll allow you to keep a clean record of what happened on the internet so you can always make sure it’s up to scratch.””

If you’re using a lot, keep a backup plan,” she says.

“You’ll want to have all your personal data off your account, but that’ll allow you to keep a clean record of what happened on the internet so you can always make sure it’s up to scratch.”

The good news is that most internet service providers have been working to improve their internet security.

The new telco Openreach, which has the largest network in Australia, has introduced an automated process for detecting malicious websites and applications.

Openreach says it will notify you of new malicious sites and applications in the future.

Internet service providers are also stepping up their efforts to ensure that pet owners are protected when using the public internet.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is launching a program called the Internet Safety Fund, which will help businesses improve their web security. 

Hogges mum says she has been following the project closely.

“We’re trying to make a real difference and make sure people can continue to use our service as they have before,” she said.

“The internet has become so easy to use and it’s just so easy for people to abuse.

People are using it to harass people and try to ruin people’s lives.”

Huggies parents also advise pet owners to make their own security plans.

“I think it’s really important to make it your own,” Hoggs says.

“It could be for you and your family, but if your business needs to be able [to] protect itself, make your own plans.

If your dog needs to use an internet service, it could be a bad idea for him to be using it.””

When I have a problem, I try to find a way to solve it,” Higgs mum adds.

“Whether it’s through a tether or an internet account, if I can get that to happen I can have it done and it will make things better for everyone.”

“I think there’s a bit of an epidemic with people not using their internet for what they need to do,” Huggs mum says.

There’s a huge difference between someone being able to use their internet connection to do their business or to keep it up to speed and having an internet dog.

“There’s no doubt that dogs are more sensitive,” says Sarah Brown, a social worker and owner of PetSafe.

“When they have a really difficult time communicating, I’m often able to understand them.”

“And when they’re on their own, it often makes things much easier for them,” she advises.

“If we can all make the internet more accessible for our pets, then the world will be a better place.”

Sarah Brown is a social work teacher, animal welfare consultant and dog trainer based in Sydney.

She is a former National Social Services Commissioner.

Her advice for pet owners is simple.

“Go for a dog,

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