November 3, 2021

A United Nations summit on the issue of a satellite communications system in Africa is set to take place on Friday, with the UN Secretary-General stressing the need to ensure a “full spectrum of support” for African states.

Al Jazeera’s Jonathan Head, reporting from Dakar, said the summit will seek to find a way forward, including “a resolution to ensure that the Zoleos can continue to operate in Africa and in other parts of the world, and that African countries have the support they need to do this”.

“We are very much in the process of determining exactly what we want to do, and we will have to wait and see if the conference can reach an agreement,” he said.

“But we are seeing increasing frustration in the corridors between Africa and Europe, where countries are seeing that they are not getting what they want, or what they need.”‘

No excuses’Al Jazeera has spoken to a number of people who have spoken to Zoleoland about their concerns about their service, with many of them saying that their providers are being overly aggressive with their service and are failing to deliver on what they promised.

“There are people who are complaining to us that they have no excuses, because there are not enough satellites and the networks are too slow,” said one Zoleoman.

“The way they are dealing with this is that they say, ‘Look, we will fix it when we get to a satellite’, and then the satellite providers, the carriers and the operators say, “No, we are going to do it on our own’.

“This is not a problem we can solve overnight.

There are more satellites and there are better network technologies than what they have now.”

The Zoleoms, whose service was announced in October 2015, have already launched more than 20 satellites, and the satellite industry has seen exponential growth in the past decade.

But the company’s launch was not without controversy, with a number users expressing their frustration on social media about how Zoleon’s network was being handled.

According to a report in the BBC, a number Zoleom users expressed concerns about how their service was being used.

One Zoleomb told the BBC that the company has “not been transparent with us” about the number of satellites it has launched, and claimed that they had only received two satellites, one from the African Economic Community and one from an international provider.

Another Zoleob said that Zoleomma had not provided the correct documentation for their launch, which has now been postponed.

According a report from the BBC earlier this year, Zoleomon said that “we have a good relationship with the African Union and the African Chambers of Commerce and Industry”.

“But the [Zoleo] business model has not worked for us,” they added.

The Zoles have also launched two satellites into space, and have recently launched two more satellites into orbit.

Zoleomes service is also available to other users, as well as other African countries.

“We have made it clear that we want our customers to continue using our service, and our customers have responded,” Zoleomo CEO Mwanga Nyongola said in a statement to Al Jazeera.

“However, there is a very high level of frustration among the users.

We want to ensure the service is as good as it can be and we are committed to delivering on the promise of our customers.””

We do not have the right to take our customers’ money away,” he added.

Nyongola told the Guardian newspaper that the organisation would not comment on the complaints about the quality of the service, but said that the “satellite companies are making a lot of promises and not delivering on them”.

Al Jazeera contacted the Zoles management, who said they had received the same complaints about their performance and were responding to them within a week.

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