October 11, 2021

Google Fiber has begun a fundraising campaign to fund its expansion into the Seattle-area, with an eye toward raising more money to expand the network, according to a blog post published on Monday.

Google Fiber is a telecommunications company that operates fiber-optic cable and satellite Internet services in more than 100 cities nationwide.

The company has been seeking to expand into Seattle and the surrounding area, but its expansion plan has been slowed by the city’s regulatory hurdles and the fact that it has not been able to obtain a business license.

The campaign will target the region’s business community and is part of Google Fiber’s larger effort to expand to other markets, including San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, according the blog post.

The effort comes as the company continues to fight against regulatory hurdles in Washington, Oregon and Texas, and in Washington state and Oregon, which are both on the verge of passing new laws that would make it more difficult for the company to operate.

In October, Google Fiber announced that it had completed a $400 million investment to expand a service it called Fiber to Home, which is now available to homes.

The investment includes construction of an existing fiber network and installation of fiber-to-the-home cables, which Google said will eventually extend to nearly every home.

In a statement to CNNMoney, Google said that it would expand the service by launching Fiber to the Neighborhood, a program that aims to expand Fiber to cities in areas where they lack broadband service.

The program also aims to extend Fiber to Businesses, which includes projects like the $1 billion Google Fiber project in San Francisco.

Google is seeking to raise $40.4 million for the program, according a fundraising post, and that number includes a $3 million contribution from Google Fiber to a Washington Public Schools student fund.

The Seattle-based company, which operates more than 1,300 residential and small business services in 25 states and the District of Columbia, is seeking a $25 million capital investment to bring Fiber to more people in the region, according an October blog post announcing the effort.

The $40-million campaign, which will be run through June, will be aimed at bringing more fiber into the region.

Google, which has faced a slew of legal challenges in the state of Washington, was unable to obtain approval from the state to expand fiber into Seattle in 2015 because of the state’s restrictive business license rules.

The company is now seeking to move forward with a licensing deal that could allow it to offer fiber services in Washington.

In April, a coalition of businesses and consumer groups filed a lawsuit against Google Fiber in a federal court in Seattle, arguing that the company’s Fiber to Homes project violates the state and federal Cable Act.

The Cable Act prohibits broadband providers from providing broadband services in states that have not passed a law that allows them to do so.

The state’s cable laws have been challenged several times in court, and the case could go on for years.

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