September 21, 2021

A new social media campaign aims to make the word “nice” feel like the “niceest thing you’ve ever done”.

The #nicecampaign aims to “make the word ‘nice’ feel like a positive, neutral word”.

It started as a response to the increasing number of negative comments posted on Instagram, with many users feeling the hashtag was a bit of a joke and even offensive.

But now, the campaign aims for a more positive image, with the hashtag being used as an adjective and not a noun.

It is designed to highlight how much people love the word nice and not just as a noun to be used to describe something.

It will also make people more comfortable using the hashtag.

“The word ‘Nice’ is a good word.

We are not going to take away from its value or the positive qualities it has.

It is a positive word and it can be used in a positive way,” said Gyanesh Kothari, founder and CEO of the #NiceCampaign.”

There is no need to be offended by it.

It’s a very simple word.

The people who use it need to understand that.”

The campaign will be run on Instagram and Vine, but the hashtag will also be used on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as the new Facebook Messenger app.

Its users will also receive an online sticker that they can use to say their “nice things”.

The hashtag has been used as a catch-all to refer to everything from a simple greeting to an elaborate and highly creative project.

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