September 9, 2021

A few weeks ago, a dog in a small town in central New Zealand came across a photo on Instagram of a woman wearing a bikini.

“She is wearing a pair of shorts and she is really getting in the mood,” said her owner, Lisa Mathers.

“I was really curious about what was going on.

I wanted to find out if there was any chance she might be a model.”

She was.

Lisa was a model.

The photographer had a client in New Zealand, but Lisa was one of the few models on the internet who could pose in the bikini.

I had the chance to talk with Lisa on a recent morning.

“It’s such a good opportunity to learn about the local culture, what the people are like, what their values are, what they like to eat, what it means to have a pet, etc,” she said.

Lisa was a vegan for most of her life.

She says her upbringing taught her to eat meat, but not as a result of eating animals.

She said it’s important for people to understand that her lifestyle is not the same as someone else’s.

It’s just a choice to eat as much animal product as possible.

The photo that sparked Lisa’s interest has gone viral.

She had a photo posted on Instagram.

After it went viral, she started a conversation about what the photographer had done with the photo.

“[She] told me that she was so inspired by my photo, I was so excited and happy to be a part of it,” Lisa said.

When Lisa saw the video of the photo on the Internet, she immediately knew she had found a model, a person with a great Instagram account.

While the person in the photo has not been identified, she told The Huffington Mail she was not ashamed of the way she had posed in her bikini.

“I’m a proud vegan, and I’m a model,” she explained.

In a few days, Lisa will appear in a video for the brand that is called “Bikini Nation”.

“They asked me if I’d be willing to pose nude in the video,” Lisa explained.

“And I was like, ‘I’d love to, if you’re up for it.'”

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