September 6, 2021

In the last week of October, we have witnessed the release of the world’s first truly global email, a new wave communications platform, which will enable communication across cultures and communities across the globe.

The platform will be built by an international group of over 50 leading communications and digital leaders from countries and regions across the world.

The platform will help businesses, governments, non-profits, NGOs, and organisations to connect with people across borders, regions and nations and create opportunities to improve communication and exchange.

I have worked on this platform for over a decade and am proud to be its first ever recipient.

It is a world first, built from the ground up using the latest technologies and a unique approach to digital communication, which combines the power of open source technologies, and the power and flexibility of modern digital platforms.

To help us deliver the world-class service that will allow our customers to communicate across borders and regions, we are launching a partnership with ICICI Bank, and with IBM, where they will be providing our customers with our latest technology.

ICICI’s unique combination of cutting edge blockchain technology and open source, digital services will allow us to provide a comprehensive, integrated service to our customers.

We will be able to leverage the technology from their bank and IBM, enabling our customers worldwide to seamlessly communicate and exchange globally.

In addition, ICICICIB has announced a $1 million grant for our digital marketing project, which was announced in April 2017.

ICICIB is an international global financial services company based in Mumbai, India, with offices in Sydney, Australia and Singapore.

ICBC has a total of 5.3 million customers in more than 130 countries.

IBM is a global leader in cloud computing, cloud computing and analytics and provides cloud solutions for many industries.

Its customers include the US government, US corporations, financial institutions, universities, hospitals, insurance companies, energy companies, healthcare providers, media, universities and more.

IBM has a global presence of more than 100 data centers and offices worldwide.

All of our digital services are designed to help people in every country in the world communicate securely and safely across borders.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that help businesses and governments improve the efficiency and efficiency of their communications and to build a more prosperous world.

We’re proud to partner with ICBC to deliver this world-leading communication platform.

You can learn more about ICICBC’s digital communications platform at has partnered with global technology companies and brands, including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, and Facebook, to help us achieve this goal. 

ICBC is a registered trademark of ICICB Ltd.

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