August 24, 2021

In a previous article, we reported on a wireless service that uses its own proprietary encryption to protect its customers’ personal data.

But the wireless service in question has now been forced to change its name to use the company’s encryption technology, according to a letter the company sent to Ars Technia.

In the letter, Comcast’s chief technology officer, Mark Smith, wrote that the new service would be “part of a major, integrated and consistent effort to improve the security of our customers’ communications.”

That’s a big shift from last year, when the company used the company-owned SSL technology for its own encryption services.

The letter also said that Comcast would also be “working with our customers to implement an enhanced security solution that incorporates our existing SSL technology, along with a new technology, called EPG, to better protect our customers from unwanted third parties that may be attempting to intercept communications.”

Smith also noted that the company was working on a “full suite of new, secure products and services” that would provide “more flexibility for our customers” to use in the future.

The company’s letter also mentioned new security features Comcast would be introducing to its customers.

Comcast’s EPG security service will be integrated into its existing security solution.

Comcast customers will also be able to access their accounts and content through the new Comcast VPN, allowing them to securely access their email, chat, and social media.

Additionally, the company has been expanding its customer service and privacy settings to allow customers to opt out of the companywide email tracking and spam detection programs.

Comcast also plans to add new features to its Comcast Newsstand app, as well as expand its privacy tools for more sensitive data.

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