August 25, 2021

The sport bible of the sport of golf is getting a fresh coat of paint as the brand’s owners have put in the final touches to a new website.

The new website,, will offer a range of links to help people make the jump from golf to the internet.

It will also offer golfers a range to share their experiences and provide a platform to raise money for the sport.

The aim is to help golfers get off the beaten track as fast as possible, said Richard DeHaan, chief executive of the brand.

The brand has a new name, Golf Factory, which has taken its inspiration from the famous movie of the same name, and will be the name of the new website at the start of next year.

It is designed to cater for people with an interest in golf, rather than for people who want to become professional golfers, he said.

“We are putting in the finishing touches to this site now so we can be open to everybody, including people who have never heard of golf,” he said on Monday.

The site is aimed at those who want an early taste of the game.

“There are people who would never dream of going to a professional golf course, but if they were in their early 20s and they had the skills and had the drive to make it, then we want to have that opportunity,” Mr DeHaans said.

He said the site would also cater for the growing number of people looking to start a business.

“If they’ve got an idea they want to start, they can click through and find out about a range and things like that,” he explained.

“But if you’ve got a career that you’ve just got to figure out how to get on, it’s not going to be as easy.”

The brand will be launched on Wednesday.

Golf Factory was launched in 2003 by US-based company Blue Ridge Communications, which also owns the popular golf website

The new site will be a website that will offer links to the latest news, reviews and reviews from the golf community, Mr De Haan said.

The website will also provide golfers with the information they need to make the most of their golf careers, including tips on how to stay fit and training tips.

A new golf app is also in the works and Mr Dehaan said it would be the first time golfers could use the app while they were playing.

“The golf app that we have is something that is a little bit different from what people are accustomed to in terms of the way they connect with their clubs,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You have to have an internet connection and it’s a very different experience to what people would be used to.”

When we started it, it was a very niche product and it took a couple of years for it to become more mainstream.

“He said that was changing now.”

I think that as golfers start to really get into it, there’s going to start to be more mainstream users and we think that that will happen in the next year or so,” he added.

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