August 20, 2021

The three companies are suing a federal judge over the way the U.S. government wiretapped their phone lines, the lawsuit says.

The suit also accuses Verizon of falsely claiming the court had ruled that the company violated wiretapping laws.

The suits seek to block the government’s use of the data that the companies say is unlawfully obtained, and to block Verizon’s efforts to use it in its lawsuit against AT<Ch&ampg&ampgt.

The suit was filed Friday in federal court in New York City by Verizon, which claims that the wiretapping allegations are “simply false” and that the government has not shown that the phone companies’ phone calls are being listened to.

The lawsuit also alleges that AT>Ch also has not presented sufficient evidence to support its wiretapping claim.

AT&ch says the lawsuits are part of a “massive campaign of political intimidation” against the companies.

The suits also say Verizon and CenturyLink are “intimidating, misleading and intimidating” the courts, the U .

S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York and the Justice Department.

The Justice Department says Verizon and AT&ts efforts to thwart the lawsuits have been a “public nuisance.”

Verizon has also called the lawsuits “a desperate, coordinated effort” to force the companies to drop their wiretapping lawsuits and stop cooperating with the Justice department.

Verizon says that’s because the companies will not cooperate with its wiretaps requests if it’s made public.

In a statement, Centurylink said it “has received no notice from the defendants in this case, and we are reviewing the case.”

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