August 21, 2021

A graphic communications award is a rare recognition for a graphic artist, and a prestigious one at that.

However, not all of the recipients of this prestigious award are known for their work on social media.

A graphic communications medal is awarded to a person who has demonstrated the ability to create engaging and meaningful content that engages audiences and makes them feel engaged.

It is also known as a “digital award”.

It is not a formal award.

The graphic communications achievement criteria for this award are outlined in the 2017 GCS Award website:”The graphic communication award recognizes a graphic designer or illustrator who has developed, developed and demonstrated an innovative graphic design or illustrative work that has been accepted and subsequently published in an online publication that meets the graphic communication requirement.”

“An illustrator is defined as a person with an ability to communicate the visual characteristics of a work, including color, scale, texture, design and design-line.

An illustrator’s ability to design works of art and to communicate them effectively requires a high level of visual literacy and experience, which is a requirement for this designation.”GCS Award 2017 graphic communications list, 2017 graphic communication achievement criteria:Source: GCS 2017 graphic communiques award websiteThe GCS Awards website is the official platform for all GCS awards, including the GCS Communications Medal.

The 2017 award list also features the GCP, GCS Graphic Communications Achievement.

Here are some of the most common graphic communication achievements listed by the 2017 list:Image credits:Al Jazeera English

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