August 18, 2021

Fox News contributor John Roberts is a former CIA officer who served as the agency’s principal technical analyst and senior director for intelligence and counterterrorism operations.

He has previously worked as an analyst for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

He was also an independent analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In the wake of his recent resignation from the CIA, Roberts shared his opinion on Donald Trump’s lack of credibility on Russia.

“He doesn’t have a credibility.

He is not credible,” Roberts said on his Fox News show, “America First.”

And he is calling it a hoax, a hoax. “

And yet he is saying, ‘Oh, the Russians did this.’

And he is calling it a hoax, a hoax.

I mean, he is not a credible person, because he is a liar.”

The former CIA analyst said he was struck by Trump’s claim that the U.S. intelligence community found “nothing to support the notion that there was any collusion.”

“The only thing that could be found is that it was all fake news,” he said.

“This was all a big conspiracy.”

Roberts went on to say that “the president is a complete con artist.”

“He has no credibility.

It is a total sham,” he added.

Roberts has been critical of Trump throughout his career.

During the 2016 campaign, he called Trump a “puppet of Vladimir Putin,” and in January, he claimed that Trump’s presidential campaign was a “shadow government.”

In February, he suggested that Trump should be prosecuted for allegedly violating a federal law that requires federal contractors to report any conflicts of interest.

“It’s a joke,” Roberts told Fox News in February.

“I would not be surprised if he goes to jail for that, but he is certainly not going to be prosecuted, in my opinion.”

In an interview with The Washington Post last week, Roberts also called out Trump’s call for “a wall,” saying that the president’s proposals “would make Mexico pay for it, China pay for the wall, and we are going to make Mexico foot the bill.”

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