August 17, 2021

China is struggling to control the spread and spread of a coronavirus pandemic that has killed nearly 3 million people.

But the woman who helped bring the disease to the country’s public attention in 2013, Wang Jun, has had to fight her way back from the brink of death to stay alive.

Wang was diagnosed with the coronaviruses coronaviral disease and poliomyelitis in December 2013.

She had been living in the country for more than two years, and her illness, which had begun with flu-like symptoms, was not uncommon in rural areas.

Her symptoms were described by her family as similar to those of the flu and eventually spread to her lungs and she eventually died.

The diagnosis was made when Wang, a mother of two, returned to her hometown of Foshan, in Jiangsu province.

Her family said she was in good health, but she was worried about her own health.

When she was first diagnosed, she had a high fever and could barely move and was bedridden for four weeks.

When her husband came home to find her in hospital, she began coughing and vomiting, and she had difficulty breathing.

When her husband arrived, she was struggling to breath and couldn’t eat or drink.

When he took her to hospital, they found that she was coughing so much that she could not breathe.

Her temperature was 120 degrees and her breathing was laboured, and a CT scan revealed her brain had contracted the coronaviovirus.

Wu and her husband were flown to a hospital in the city of Chengdu in southern China, where doctors performed tests on her, and when the results came back, they said she had contracted a type of coronavivirus that was similar to the coronavia virus that has been identified in the United States.

The couple said they knew they were living in an unusual and dangerous situation, but they did not expect to be so vulnerable to it.

“When we were told we had a new illness, I was really relieved,” she told Al Jazeera.

“I had no idea we were living like this.

It was really frightening.

But when I was told I had a brain injury, I knew we had to do something.”

She said she and her family decided to start a foundation called Save Our People.

It has raised more than US$40,000 in a week, but Wang said she still has not received any money.

Wangs father and her mother have not been able to work, and have to rely on Wang to help them with their medical expenses.

Wong said she felt she needed to be strong.

“I don’t want to be weak and not work.

I feel I need to make sure that I get well and then work as hard as I can to get back,” she said.

“If I do not get well, I have to give up and go back to work.”‘

The most vulnerable’The foundation has set up a support centre in Beijing, where volunteers have to register their illnesses, and help organise help packages and transport for patients to hospitals.

“If I’m in hospital and I’m not getting well, it’s very hard for me to go home,” she added.

“The most common thing is people in China are in very low-income circumstances, so if you’re not getting help you don’t know if you will be able to afford to go back.

It’s really hard to be able do that.

We are really in a very vulnerable position.”

Wang said the foundation was looking to raise $30,000 for the centre.

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