August 7, 2021

A recent report by the Windstream Health app management team found that more than half of the apps in the iOS App Store have not been tested for potential health risks.

The app developers have identified 10 apps that have been flagged for potential safety issues, and the team is continuing to work with app developers to fix the problems.

“The most dangerous apps are not the ones that have a large number of reviews, or have been reviewed by a large group of people, or they have a lot of ratings,” says Mike Biesecker, Windstream’s senior director of product management and app management.

“But the ones with the most reviews are the ones you see most.”

Biesedcker says that the app developers are also continuing to make improvements to the app to ensure that they are serving the health needs of their users.

Windstream, which is headquartered in Denver, is a provider of mobile medical health and technology solutions for the medical community.

Windstorm Health, a company focused on cloud-based health services, provides a wide range of health and medical apps to more than 4 million patients in the U.S. with a total of more than 2 million apps.

“We are taking care of our customers’ health through cloud-powered health and wellbeing services and have an enormous amount of trust in our cloud-providers to deliver the best health services to their customers,” says Brian Biesek, Windstorm’s chief product officer.

Wind Stream Health app review guidelines The following app review criteria are in place for apps that may be reviewed for potential issues with the apps listed below: Must be developed by a physician or physician assistant for a doctor or other health professional.

Must meet a minimum of 15 reviews on Apple App Store or Android App Store.

Must have at least 5,000+ reviews on the app.

Must be free for iOS and Android.

Must offer at least one doctor and/or health professional review and must offer at the same time a “free trial” option.

Must provide a medical grade app and not a wellness grade app.

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