August 7, 2021

Cox Communications Inc. reported a record $7.9 billion loss on Wednesday as it reported that customers were unable to connect to its internet service, a sign that a critical infrastructure component that is critical to the company’s operations was down for maintenance.

The company said it expects to have the network back online by Thursday afternoon, after which it expects some customers will be able to connect again.

Cox is the largest cable operator in the United States.

The outage at the nation’s second-largest cable company was announced just a day after the government announced that it would impose a $45 billion fine on Comcast Corp., the nation\’s largest cable and internet company, for failing to prevent and respond to a massive data breach that affected tens of millions of customers.

The $45-billion fine, which is expected to come into effect on Friday, will target Comcast, Time Warner Cable Inc., Charter Communications Inc., CenturyLink Corp. and Bright House Networks Inc.

The fines were announced on Wednesday after Cox said it had been unable to fix a “critical network” issue that affected its video, voice and data networks.

The company said in a statement that the issue could impact about 200,000 customers across the country.

Cox’s website said that customers had been able to sign up for service since Thursday, but the company said that the outage would not impact service to customers.

Cable networks, such as those that carry the internet and other media services, are critical to companies such as Cox, whose customers provide services such as internet, telephone and video.

They are also critical to businesses, where they are crucial to the business model of cable and satellite television companies.

The issue at Cox began when the company installed new routers into a data center in Virginia, which was the source of a major cyberattack that caused the data center to be down for weeks.

The problem then led to a major outage that affected all Cox’s internet and video services, including CoxTV.

It also affected Cox’s video and voice services, which included Cox, Comcast Cable and Bright TV.

After a series of updates and fixes, Cox said on Wednesday that the data outage caused it to temporarily shut down its entire data center, but it said that it is back online.

Cisco said in its statement that it plans to make further improvements to its network infrastructure over the coming days.

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