August 5, 2021

HBO is set to introduce a new format for the popular Game of Thrones television series in 2018.

The cable network will introduce a digital version of the popular series for its streaming service, HBO NOW, starting in late 2018.

“Game of, yes, Game of,” a character played by Lena Headey, told Entertainment Weekly.

“My favorite character is my dad, Jon Snow.

We were very embarrassed when the show came out.

We just kept saying, ‘Oh my god, we’re not on HBO anymore.’

We didn’t know what to expect.

I was so disappointed.”

The character, named Jon Snow, played by Headeys father, Eddard Stark, was introduced to the public during Season 6, which premiered in January.

Headeym’s character was played by Dermot Mulroney in Season 7, and has since appeared in episodes of Game of Bones and Game of Heades.

“I’m very proud of Jon Snow,” Headeyy told EW.

“He’s the best character in the show.

I know he’s going to be on a whole new level.”

The introduction of the digital version, which HBO NOW will launch on January 7, will also mark the network’s first digital-only release since Season 7.

The streaming service has also introduced a number of new digital channels in recent years, including HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO iPlayer, HBO GO Everywhere and HBO NOW Everywhere, which offers HBO’s content as an on-demand service.

The show’s producers and creators are not only aiming to introduce more of HBO’s digital offerings, they’re also hoping to push viewers toward a broader digital audience, which will help increase viewership and sales.

“The idea behind the new HBO NOW is to bring all of our content to the same platform, and hopefully people are more inclined to watch it,” said HBO executive VP of programming Jennifer Salke.

“We want to be the premiere destination for all of the HBO content.”

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