July 30, 2021

Teenager is accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in Melbourne’s east in December 2016, the latest case to make headlines in Australia.

The alleged attack occurred in a public park in a busy suburb of Melbourne, near the border with Western Australia, about 3am on December 12, 2016.

The girl was walking home after school when she was allegedly assaulted by an unknown male.

She sustained minor injuries, including bruising, bruising to her head and bruising to the back of her head.

She has since returned to school.

“She is currently experiencing some facial bruising, swelling and a slight headache,” police said in a statement, adding the boy has been charged with rape.

“The complainant was walking back to her car after her final day of school when the accused forcibly grabbed her from behind and raped her in a residential park,” the statement read.

Police allege the victim was in the park for about 20 minutes before she went to the hospital.

They also said the boy had been drinking alcohol and had consumed an amount of cannabis that could cause intoxication.

Police have not released any other details about the alleged victim or the accused.

“It’s been very distressing and very upsetting for her, it’s been really difficult for her to cope with this,” Detective Inspector Mark Young said.

“We are really looking to understand the circumstances of this particular assault and any other related incidents that have happened to young people.”

Detective Inspector Young said police were looking to trace any other young people who may have been in the area that day and are also appealing for anyone who may be in the vicinity to come forward.

Police said they would be providing support and advice to the victim and the accused, and are calling on anyone with information to come and speak to them.

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